Opening gates of burgir town

Aug 24. 2023

Decided to dedicate the first page on getting this neocities started. I've mildly wanted to make a neocities for a while, starting my first attempt about half a year ago according to neocities. My initial draft and idea was much more story/character based, you'd be learning about my characters, an archive of stuff for them and there'd also be pages in character written by them. A bit of an ARG even. Kind of a cool idea but was also very big and I didn't know where to start. I edited in neocities itself (don't do this)(or do idk) and made, over 600 edits.

Screenshot of a index page, it has a green background, black centered text, 3 navigation boxes, each with text saying '???? story', and other social media links.

Doesn't look like much I know but I had big ideas and they were not in the home page. Hey atleast the layout would've worked on mobile.

Same index page displayed on previous image, on a narrower browser size.

The layout didn't have much ... I didn't get far. There was a draft of a character display page, it was gonna look real cool and you could click on individual character links to their personal in character pages, like this one.

A screenshot of a mostly white page with some blue text that is mostly gibberish, with an image of a soccerball.

I still like this page. It's simple and might've been planned to have more but I don't think so. The typos are on purpose too. The character meant to be rambling but a shitty typer, so you understand none of it's ramblings. The page is still up as of writing this if you'd like to see it yourelf though it's exactly as the image.

If you click the link and it looks different well then.. it's been updated shhh. It'd like to still add the character and story goals of the first draft in this one, it'd be nice.

Draft 2.

I did another draft about 3 months ago/3 months after first draft. This draft went simpler with the concept, more of a regular web blog, though a more complex/fun design. And I switched to Notepad++ (clapping in the background)

A home page for a website, with a overall blue background, header text at the top that says Hello Everynyan :), a pink sidebar with links, a rounded green content box and footer.

I was struggling to align stuff a bit if you can tell. It still looks cute I think. Cuter than this layout.. sorry burgirtown, though required more reworking on mobile and I was already struggling with the basic layout. I know most neocity pages don't work on mobile but I wanted to make the majority of the page accessible on smaller screens. And after getting the index page "done" (and only the index page) (consisting of only one html page, you may be foreshadowing a roadblock) I realized 'how am I going to keep the layout consistant on different pages, Am I going to repaste the whole thing and only change the content box, that's not good design what if I notice an issue'. Looked into iframes for a small bit, lost motivation and that's where it was left at.

3rd times a charm

This time I wanted to create greater progress. Upload a damn proper neocities page, atleast by the end of the year. So I started with a much more simple layout, as simple as it could get. 2 boxes, a side bar and main content. Not even a background color distinguishing the two so I don't worry about stuff not lining up correctly, when it's all white you won't be able to tell. Simple layout. Open up Notepad++ and get to work. Scratch that we're actually gonna close Notepad++ and open VS Code. Figure out Iframes a bit to make website more efficient and easy for me. Not as efficient as could be but it's ok we carry on. Try to make it work on small screens. (Probably doesn't work great on screen sizes in between like an ipad)(not really a responsive design either but anyways).

With a much simpler goal it's actually been done now. Well as I'm typing this you'd assume the site is actually done but I still need to finalize some stuff. And stuff not necessary but that would be cool like music players, but I don't have the brain power for a proper cool music player. Anyways, while it's not that fun to look at, I still felt a bit proud for getting it done this time I think it's an achievement. Maybe I'll start from square 0 in 3 months again, hopefully it'll be cooler then if so.

why burgir?

Because of this gif.

Sped up gif of a hand feeding a burger to a plushie of Invader Zim character Gir.

burger + gir = burgir
and since neocities urls can't be changed well be stuck with this, forever

God I wish I could figure out these scrollbars on laptop.