Aug 30. 2023

as of making of burgir town there are a few drawings used in pages to spice them up, if you've looked around the site you've probably already seen them. I'll be displaying them roughly in order they were made.

Cartoon drawing and animation of a purple character kicking it's feet.

This gif is meant to be of a sort of persona designed for neocities kicking it's feet. I like the effects I added. The little heart on the sock is inspired by gen 3 pony toys having 1 heart on their hoof which I like :).

Colorful cartoony animation of a character looking up at a shooting star.

Same persona design looking at a shooting star, this one is more artsy, especially with the filtering. It's more artsy as to set the mood for wacky or experimental art in the art section.

Clean cartoony drawing showcasing the previous character in a more clean fullbody and an upclose shoulders and up drawing.

Not a graphic you actually see in the site but still putting this here. A sort of sona or character concept/design drawing. You'd think to come up with a cleaner concept would come before the gifs but nope. The first gif of a character kicking it's feet had the further away foot with a big green star on the heel too, though I found it to be too distracting so I removed it from the final gif. Not a fan of the design on the right a lot, looks a bit too, .childish? The stylization didn't hit right. I think the hair shine on the left drawing being a hopping star is fun. The color pallete fucks more in my opinion(even if the colors make them look high,) though I would not relocate or recopy the heart to the sleeve, or maybe I would. No I wouldn't.

Animation of a cartoony dog that's standing up, turning it's head in confusion.
I nicknamed this thing the PNGpup. I wanted to see what it would look like tiny, as if a small emoji so I put it there tiny. I was listening to some somber music on soundcloud during(or near?) the making kind of so now I associate it with that too. Listen to some maybe for just a moment, or for the remaining images

adustam - lust for summer blues

piggu - sedatives in your meal

0081 - Just Forget

Cartoony low quality gif of a simple character's head exploding with a geometrical pattern clipped on top.

If you're on a computer or a big screen this is probably the image you're seeing to the right, say hi to it hiiii. I needed a gif in the bottom right and was like ok what if head exploding. Might be wiser to have a less distracting, and a looping gif instead but shut up [head explodes].cartoony low quality gif of a simple character's head exploding Funny how the odd filtering choices become more prominent in newer gifs.

Animation of a flower blooming.

Simple gif of a flower blooming, used as placeholder a bit.

edit: as of reworking of website the original location of these images might've been erased and this is the first place you see them, cool!